Business Builder is the easiest way to fill your sales funnel with qualified leads who want to hear from you. We make it easy to build relationships with key people in your target accounts without the time-consuming process of prospecting, hunting for contact information, and writing emails.      

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Many companies are still selling the same way they did almost two decades ago. Their prospecting is slow and expensive and accurate contact information is hard to find. Their email copy reads like it was written by someone's legal department. Response rates are abysmal. Sales leaders struggle to hit their numbers and grow revenue, and no one knows quite how to fix it. That's where Business Builder comes in.

Our Platform

We analyze your best customers to identify what makes them tick. Then we use signals from billions of data-points on the web to curate a list of sales targets who are interested in what you have.
Our teams work together to build compelling, personalized email content. We then execute multiple touch emails campaigns that drive desired behaviors and generate positive responses.
Our machine-learning platform executes campaigns while testing and evolving to achieve industry-leading conversion rates. When prospects signal they are interested, we seamlessly transition them to your team.


Modern Sales Strategy, Best Practices, and Cutting-Edge Tactics

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What the Wells Fargo scandal teaches about pressure-cooker sales environments

By now, you have probably heard about the scandal affecting Wells Fargo. Over the course of many years, the company fostered an incredibly aggressive sales culture, with a major focus on upselling customers. The results of this culture are now playing out publicly, through journalist investigations, current and ex-employee interviews and even Senate committee meetings. […]

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Why using email templates you find online is not helpful

Outbound sales professionals are always looking for tips and tricks to increase their conversion rates. One of the most important tools is a stable of strong email templates. If you are in the business of developing leads, you are going to be doing a lot prospecting, and fielding a lot of the same questions/objections repeatedly. […]

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[3 scenarios] What to do when sales people work leads that aren’t theirs?

What do you do when a salesperson is working a lead that should belong to someone else? Any company with multiple salespeople will eventually have to deal with this situation. One of your reps will end up working on a lead that should belong to someone else. It could be because of recent changes to […]

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